Rosselli PTO Saw Bench Speedy 700R

The Speedy 700 R model is the largest circular saw with cardan shaft in the family of Rosselli circular saws : in fact, it is equipped with a spacious table (850×1350 mm) on which to place the trunk to be cut and with a Ø 700 disc.

To allow a comfortable, rapid, but above all safe cut, this machine is characterized by a locking system that allows the operator to keep the trunk to be cut always in the same position, avoiding dangerous movements or displacements of the wood.

Compared to traditional miter saws, Speedy allows you to cut not only logs with defined shapes, but also irregular ones as well as bundles of branches. All the materials used for the construction of this professional circular saw are of high quality and are chosen to make the machine as long-lasting as possible.


£1,380.00 inc. VAT

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